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  • This new idea is patented in the United States
  • The PCT has been granted for worldwide coverage
  • Patents have been applied for in Japan and Europe
  • Currently the prototype unit is connected to the test stand and testing has begun
  • Results show that efficiency is an extraordinary 98%
  • This is the world's most efficient CVT

This shows the main disc assembly.  Notice the center of the disc and the center of the cam follower are off center.  When the control arm moves the pin on the right, it moves the disc off the center line, which sets up the force vectors that steer the disc to its new location, and the ratio changes.

The main disc assembly is installed in the center housing.  The control arm is on the left.  The cam follower blocks guide the disc as it moves back and forth.

Here the power rollers, idler rollers, and ring are assembled onto the center housing and the main disc.

This is the fully assembled prototype unit.  It is ready to be connected to the engine and dynamometer for testing.

This is the prototype CVT connected to the engine (off the picture to the right) and the Eddy Current Dynamometer as shown

Torque and RPM are simultaneously measured for Input and Output to determine efficiency

Results show that efficiency is extraordinary at 98%